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Strategy Ignition Workshops

1-2 days, live, in-person or virtual: highly interactive session with breakout groups

Includes pre-engagement call with Alex to customize the workshop to your needs

Max 30 participants

Create your vision, and make it a reality!

In this highly interactive workshop, Alex guides you to create your:

  • New vision: how your business will look and feel some years down the road
  • New strategy: the focus areas you will prioritize to make the vision a reality
  • Leadership: what it takes to following through the strategy
Team discussion

You will also learn:

  • What it takes to design and execute a purposeful strategy
  • How to shape conscious leadership teams, able to move faster and more successfully
  • How to build the capabilities that enable you to lead transformation

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Light the spark

Inspiring keynotes

  • 30-60 min talk with optional Q&A
  • Includes pre-engagement call with Alex to customize the talk 
  • Unlimited participants

Strategy for your audience is a BIG concept – and one that’s typically misunderstood and misused… which means they’re not getting the results they want because they’re not creating an Intentional Strategy that matters. It’s essential that your audience understand not only how to create a strategy with intention… but to use that strategy the right way to create the legacy they want.

Based on his new book, Alex will help your audience understand how to build their organization into exactly what they want it to be – from the strategy they’re using to the way they’re seen in the community. Alex will show them how to build the legacy they want to leave behind – and what’s more, how to achieve it all while avoiding pitfalls along the way.

Strategy without leadership is a recipe for failure – especially when that strategy depends on those your audience is leading! Without directed, intentional leadership, your audience’s business has virtually no hope of meeting the goals.

We’ve all seen them – organizations and teams that seem to perform at their peak, year-round. Never missing a beat, always putting out their best, and staying ahead of the curve and the competition no matter what. Your audience wants to know how to harness their secrets for themselves.

Board of Directors

Appoint Alex Brueckmann as a member of your board or use us as external advisors to the board. In both settings, we contribute our unique experience from working with organizations of all sizes and across industries. From public to private, from start-ups to multinationals, from for-impact to for-profit. We understand the different needs of organizations depending on their size, industry, ownership structure, and maturity level.

Clients benefit from our expertise in organizational development, leadership, strategy, and transformation

If you are a CxO, supervisory board member, or a trustee, please reach out to discuss your specific context and ideas, and we co-create a customized collaboration that creates the value you are looking for.